LED Lighting

THRIVE LED Home Lighting Programme

Worldwide nearly 2 billion people do not have access to clean and reliable lighting. Half of the population of the Huge and modernizing India do not have access to reliable and clean lighting. The use of Kerosene or fuel wood for simple lighting is inadequate for light, polluting the homes, more effort in organizing and finally do not help any productive work. a village is seen in darkness the adjacent image. Artificial lighting, essential today, will not be provided through the slow process of electrifying our villages projected in the government’s 5 Year Plans.

LED Lighting technology offers a promise of reliable, inexpensive lighting to the poor and needy. The low energy consuming white LEDs housed in a lantern type case powered by a small storage battery, charged either by grid or by solar would make the lighting the poor people homes a reality.

The LED HOME LIGHTS can/will also help people to lengthen the productive day for many of their daily household tasks or lucrative jobs by extending the hours of light available to them. (see the well lighted village in adjacent image) These hours “earned” have been estimated to be worth nearly 25 million US dollar a day and 100 billion U.S. dollars a year. Even better, the benefits will accrue to the most needy! This 100 billion U.S. dollars “earned” is equal to the entire amount spent over the past sixty years by donors, international institutions and governments through a host of schemes, projects and plans.